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Visiual Basic Codes

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Visiual Basic Codes

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Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion CAD/GIS SDK
CAD/CAM/GIS SDK provided also as ActiveX and VB component - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: AlgoLab - 5/18/2003

EasyMail Objects 5.0 5.0
The EasyMail Objects are a set of full featured, easy to use COM objects (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4,.

Platform: 2, Publisher: Quiksoft Corporation - 6/19/1999

Active Control Pak
Set of 9 OCX controls.

Platform: 2, Publisher: GreenTree Technologies - 8/16/1999

Angel GIF ActiveX Control
Display GIF file(still and animation) in OLE Container or float around screen. - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: Longtion - 2/13/2004

Form Designer for VB
Runtime Form Designer for Visual Basic. - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: Greatis Software - 5/5/2004

This control allows you to control x10 devices using the CM11a interface - Freeware

Platform: 2, Publisher: Wired-Up-Tech - 4/8/2003

Mapping component for .NET (Windows Forms) - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: VDS Technologies - 10/2/2007

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Popular Visiual Basic Codes

RegExpr for VB
Provides regular expressions for VB5 and more.

VB Lister 3.2.0
List the source code for Visual Basic forms, standard modules and class modules, with the filename date and time at the top of each page.

Visiual Basic Code List

VLButtonBar V3.0
A versatile, outlook styled navigation bar - Shareware

You can add or remove top window status to any window in your project. - Demo

ActSoft Color Picker ActiveX
It looks like Office color dialog with much more easy way of selecting colors. - Shareware

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