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Visiual Basic Codes

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Visiual Basic Codes

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ActiveX Instrument Extension Components
ActiveX Automation HMI Instrument Input Components can be used in HMI design. - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: Dragonfly Automation Software - 4/12/2003

MailBee SMTP Component
MailBee SMTP Component allows your applications or ASP web pages to create and send email messages over SMTP protocol just in a few lines of code. - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: Afterlogic - 2/1/2006

TrialVersion 1.0.4
An activeX to make an application to a demo-time application.

Platform: 2, Publisher: Luca Rodolfi - 2/10/1999

PDFBlackbox (.NET)
Add support for PDF security to C# or VB.NET (.NET Framework) applications - Commercial Software

Platform: 2, Publisher: EldoS Corporation - 12/19/2005

ClearImage SDK
COM .NET engine reads Code 39 128 PDF417 from images inside windows applications - Freeware

Platform: 2, Publisher: Inlite Research - 3/27/2008

ThermalLabel Visual Editor for .NET
Barcode, .net, C#, VB, bar code, Zebra, ZPL, EPL, Thermal, printer, label, editor, designer, Code 39 - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: Neodynamic - 7/5/2012

VB RecentFiles Editor 2.2
VB RecentFiles Editor is a tiny utility to allow Visual Basic 5.

Platform: 2, Publisher: Zeal SoftStudio - 10/17/2000

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Popular Visiual Basic Codes

SMLabel let you enhance your graphic user interface. - Shareware

FastCRC Library
Fast, highly optimized implementation of popular CRC algorithms. - Shareware

Visiual Basic Code List

DC Help Authority
assign a sensitive help for every control in within your form - Shareware

VLButtonBar V3.0
A versatile, outlook styled navigation bar - Shareware

DB SQL Assist LITE 1.01
Poweful but EASY-TO-USE SQL Code Generator.

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