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Visiual Basic Codes

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Visiual Basic Codes

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Maquisistem VB5 Runtime Disconnector
Distributes VB5 applications without requiring installation.

Platform: 2, Publisher: Maquisistem Ltda - 4/16/1999

MailBee.NET POP3
NET component for receiving, parsing and managing mail on POP3 servers. - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: AfterLogic Corporation - 5/17/2006

MailBee.NET Objects
.NET for sending, receiving and managing mail. - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: AfterLogic Corporation - 5/17/2006

DirectOption 1.0.0
A custom OCX control that provides access to the Microsoft folder browser dialog.

Platform: 2, Publisher: ICON Laboratories - 6/9/1999

Audio Play And Record OCX
Play multiple audio file or stream and record audio direct to disk. - Shareware

Platform: 2, Publisher: Station Media - 1/26/2006

AxFormExtender ActiveX Control 1.0
An ActiveX control that adds a few of the things that you might think are missing from a standard VB form.

Platform: 2, Publisher: AxTools (E-Lite Enterprises) - 10/5/1999

PicTuner 2.0
PicTuner is an ActiveX control designed to adjust contrast, brightness and color balance of bitmap images.

Platform: 2, Publisher: Softuarium - 9/24/2000

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Visual Build Professional
The build management solution for Windows and web developers - Shareware

Fast, scalable Full Text Indexing and Retrieval library for fuzzy search engine. - Shareware

Visiual Basic Code List

MailBee SMTP Component
MailBee SMTP Component allows your applications or ASP web pages to create and send email messages over SMTP protocol just in a few lines of code. - Shareware

PDF Extractor SDK
PDF Extractor SDK for .NET 2.00, 1.10, ASP.NET, ActiveX extracts info from PDFs - Shareware

Yet Another Fireworks
This screensaver gives you classical fireworks scenes right on your screen. - Freeware

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