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Upload, Multiple users, mod_perl, rdbms
Allow users to upload images via their browser, then classify those images and make them available over the web.

Price: Free,
Platform: Unix/Linux, Publisher: Peter J. Schoenster - 12/24/2007

Using PHP to search a MySQL database
Using PHP to search a MySQL database and return paged results.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: designplace.org - 9/22/2004

Use ASP to send e-mail with CDONTS
This script provides the capacity to send e-mail from a web page, via an HTML form.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: Matt - 12/15/2008

UltraGuest.com Free Guestbook Service
One of the most feature rich free guestbook service you will find.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: Andreas Brynestad - 4/13/2006

Utilizes Flash technology to expand your site
LostDesigns specializes in Macromedia Flash 5, CGI, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, graphic design, CD cover layout, interactive CD-ROMs, and more.

Price: Ask,
Platform: All, Publisher: Daniel - 4/21/2003

User-friendly error pages
Handles server errors easily. Attempts to solve the site error or can present a friendly, customizable error message which can be logged or emailed to the site administrator.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: Xerxes Victoria, Zoltan Milosevic - 12/12/2003

Update any site without HTML/FTP knowledge
Perl cgi script run on any UNIX or NT web server that allows you to turn any web page into a dynamic web page that can have content changed by the simple use of a password protected web browser edit screen instead of having to understand HTML or FTP.

Price: $199.00,
Platform: UNIX, Win NT, Publisher: Steve Sunshine - 3/15/2006

Ultimate browsing incentive
A package of fun games including Video Poker, BlackJack, Memory, Hangman, and more.

Price: $199.00,
Platform: Unix, Linux, Publisher: David Pickup - 3/24/2007

Unique point-and-click interface
Maintain a searchable database of postcards with all the card racks created for you.

Price: $299.00,
Platform: Unix, Linux, Publisher: David Pickup - 8/28/2004


231 - 47 from 47 Programs Web Design Software

Web Design Software

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ActivComport is a comprehensive COM component for serial, asynchronous communications from any VB, ASP or other COM environment applications.

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DS Wheelscroll
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