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Web Design Software Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Form button w/ animated image
AniButton is a form button script containing an animated image with customizable background color, size, etc.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: Spriteworks Developments - 8/28/2005

Today is our independence day!
This effect has been inspired by the initial effect in the movie "Independence day".

Platform: All, Publisher: Mandomartis - 9/6/2003

This is a script which describes the info about file backuping process and uses less space by compressing the backup files.

Price: N/A,
Platform: All, Publisher: backup4all.com - 6/28/2006

This Java applet is a banner rotation applet.

Price: N/A,
Platform: All, Publisher: wyka-warzecha.com - 10/4/2007

Scratch n Win - Entry Version
Now, the internet's most popular and addicting game can be yours.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: games4yoursite.com - 1/27/2004

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FreeVF (Free Vanity Fair Image Rating
FreeVF (Free Vanity Fair Image Rating script) includes Hot or Not features is a fun way for users to rate pictures or see how they rank by submitting their own photo.

The Compsys IntrPwd utility is a component that checks the structure and validity of the physical and logical aspects of a password.

Top Web Design Scripts

A simple text counter with php
This shows how to build a simple text counter which uses a text file and no database to store the count.

User-friendly error pages
Handles server errors easily. Attempts to solve the site error or can present a friendly, customizable error message which can be logged or emailed to the site administrator.

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