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Web Design PHP Scripts

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Web Design PHP Scripts

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Web Design PHP Scripts EasyHost Review


This is a complex and powerful tool for web hosting, yet easy to use.

There are many different options and tools: You may display different headers/footers on user created sites depending on their category and also limit their space and if headers and footers are displayed or not, depending on their package. This is useful if you have users who want to pay for a no banners package, for extra space or even if you just want to give friends added features. EasyHost also includes the ability to reserve usernames and ban unwanted email addresses (full or entire domains) from creating accounts allowing you to keep your website's directories as your own and block abusers.

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Web Design PHP Software


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ARSC Really Simple Chat
ARSC is an easy to install, simple to handle, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible, high-performance open source web chat system written in PHP, using MySQL.

PHP and XML: Using expat functions
XML is a W3C standard that is open, language neutral, API-neutral, streamable, textual, human-readable and is a way of bringing structured data to the web.

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Trellian FTP
This program apart from serving as a web publishing tool it also serves the user as a download client with a vast list of FTP servers that provide free system utilities.

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