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red CRT vandyke.com
CRT is a reliable terminal emulator for Windows that's easy to use and highly customizable.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design CRT Java Scripts CRT Rating: 7 stars  

red Alarm clock script javascriptkit.com
This is a JavaScript alarm clock that either alerts a message or plays a midi file when the specified time is reached.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design Alarm clock script Java Scripts Alarm clock script Rating: 9 stars  

red Easy Panel easypanel.co.uk
This interface has been designed to be immediately usable by anyone with a basic grasp of the Windows MS Word or Mac interfaces.
JavaScripts Program Price: Free, JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design Easy Panel Java Scripts Easy Panel Rating: 7 stars  

red DS SinusScroll Script dseffects.com
DS SinusScroll Script can induce life into any dull looking web pages.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design DS SinusScroll Script Java Scripts DS SinusScroll Script Rating: 9 stars  

red DHTML News Ticker Wizard scriptocean.com
DHTML News Ticker Wizard is a message scrolling JavaScript with appealing scrolling effects like Gradient, Wipe, Slide, Pixelate, Blinds, Wipe etc.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design DHTML News Ticker Wizard Java Scripts DHTML News Ticker Wizard Rating: 10 stars  

red Fading scroller dynamicdrive.com
Fading scroller is a JavaScript, which gradually alters the intensity of the colors to bring the next message into display fading the earlier one.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design Fading scroller Java Scripts Fading scroller Rating: -1 stars  

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