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red Astrological sign finder wsabstract.com
This JavaScript calculates the astrological sign for given month and date.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design Astrological sign finder Java Scripts Astrological sign finder Rating: 7 soft stars  

red AdTracker Pro webdevstore.com
The AdTracker Pro is an ideal solution for maintaining ad banners on your website and to publish banners using JavaScript tags.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design AdTracker Pro Java Scripts AdTracker Pro Rating: 10 soft stars  

red LICENCE PROTECTOR Mirage-Systems.de
LICENCE PROTECTOR administrates licences and modules, generates Demo- and time limited versions, provides you with software copy protection and is integrated within hours in your application.
JavaScripts Program Price: Free, JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design LICENCE PROTECTOR Java Scripts LICENCE PROTECTOR Rating: 10 soft stars  

red Calculate hotarea.com
Calculate is javascript that is a simple calculator with automatically calculated 'Total' amount.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design Calculate Java Scripts Calculate Rating: 7 soft stars  

red Creating a JavaScript image slideshow javascriptkit.com
Learn how to implement an image slideshow in JavaScript, along with making each slide 'clickable.'.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design Creating a JavaScript image slideshow Java Scripts Creating a JavaScript image slideshow Rating: 9 soft stars  

red DS SinusPath Script dseffects.com
DS SinusPath is a JavaScript to display moving images with a sinus path in your webpage.
JavaScripts code platform: All Web Design DS SinusPath Script Java Scripts DS SinusPath Script Rating: 8 soft stars  

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