Web Design Java Scripts

Web Design Java Scripts

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Web Design Java Scripts

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Web Design Java Software Sunday, July 05, 2015

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Plays audio alert on the hour
Script plays audio alert on the hour until user turns it OFF.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: Happy Smart - 6/4/2004

Astrological sign finder
This JavaScript calculates the astrological sign for given month and date.

Price: N/A,
Platform: All, Publisher: wsabstract.com - 5/6/2005

Date & Time
The easy way to get the date and time from javascript.

Price: N/A,
Platform: All, Publisher: hotarea.com - 10/28/2003

Basic Calendar
A simple, elegant JavaScript calendar to display the current days of the month.

Price: N/A,
Platform: All, Publisher: dynamicdrive.com - 6/13/2004

flooble.com Web Scripts
flooble.com Web Scripts offers JavaScripts designed to serve various purposes for application in web designing and applications.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: flooble.com - 7/18/2008

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ZoomStats is an Web Traffic Analyzer
ZoomStats is an Open Source Web Traffic Analyzer licensed under the GPL.

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Text is falling, falling, falling!
Falling letters from the left corner form up a message.

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