Java Applets Codes

Java Applets Codes

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Java Applets Codes

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Web Design Java Applets Software Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Web Script List & Web Design Java Applets Software

CGI Scripts: cgi scripts and services.
CGI Scripts - is a collection of CGI scripts to add interactivity to your web site and we also provide custom web programming services at competitive prices.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: Leonid Mazin - 4/20/2002

Image and JavaScript-Controlled applets
A collection of professional-quality JAVA applets, including the powerful SlideWays image slideshow and several hard-to-find JavaScript-controlled applets.

Price: Free,
Platform: All, Publisher: - 2/17/2005

Image color changing
Load a picture or logo and see the color changing.

Price: Free,
Platform: Java, Publisher: Astal Web Effects - 12/14/2003

Web-based Instant-Message & Chat
Web Based, JAVA Real-Time Instant-Message and Chat Solutions.

Platform: All, Publisher: RaiderSoft Support Staff - 10/5/2004

Bo Larsson's Internet Server Software
If you are looking for basic CGI programming examples in Perl, or have been wanting to delve into the world of Java but were afraid of the complexity of Java programming; then this site has the answer.

Price: N/A,
Platform: All, Publisher: - 11/8/2003

Code Beach
Code Beach is an online guide for Java and many more programming languages.

Price: N/A,
Platform: All, Publisher: - 12/27/2002

ProjTimer is an application in Java that can determine the time consumed to finish various projects / tasks.

Price: N/A,
Platform: All, Publisher: - 11/28/2007

Web Design Java Applets Software


Popular Java AppletsCodes

tCalEvent is a Calendar/Event Applet
tCalEvent is a little Calendar/Event Applet.

Customizable flaming text applet.
Customize this applet by putting your own message into the flames and watch it burn away in the realistic fire.

Java AppletsCode List

The best news management system Ever !
A powerful news management system that doesn’t use MySQL but flat files.

Document Import Kit - DocKIT
DocKIT is a simple tool to overcome the cumbersome exercise of importing and migrating documents from multiple systems & sources - Microsoft Windows Shares & Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders, into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.

DS FireMenu
DS FireMenu is a navigation menu applet written in Java that can incorporate a fire effect over the menu.

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