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SecureBlackbox (VCL) Featured Web Design Delphi Software

Platform: 2

SecureBlackbox (VCL) submitted 9/16/2007

SecureBlackbox (VCL)

Add support for SSL/TLS, SSH, PKI, SFTP, PGP, PDF, XML to your application - Commercial Software

Program, Services Description:
SecureBlackbox (VCL edition) is the comprehensive component collection for network and document security. Unlike other components SecureBlackbox contains original implementation of all encryption algorithms and security protocols, used in the package, and doesn't depend on third-party libraries SecureBlackbox is split to several packages: * PKIBlackbox - offers support for Public Key Infrastructure (X.509 certificates, certificate requests, certificate revokation lists, certificate storages etc.), including Windows Certificate Storages and cryptography hardware (USB cryptotokens, smartcards). * OpenPGPBlackbox - clean-room implementation of all PGP algorithms and standards with support for operations with PGP keys and keyrings. * PDFBlackbox - clean-room implementation of PDF compression, encryption and signing specifications. Public Key (X.509 certificates) and symmetric encryption is supported. PKCS#1 and PKCS#7 signing is supported. * XMLBlackbox - clean-room implementation of XML encryption and signing specifications. * SSLBlackbox - client and server components that provide complete support for SSL2, SSL3 and TLS1.x. * FTPSBlackbox - client component that implements FTP (RFC 959) and FTP-over-SSL (RFC 2228) protocols for secure file transfer. * HTTPBlackbox - client component for HTTP/HTTPS support including Gzip compression. * MIMEBlackbox - MIME components with own character conversion tables and MIME parser/assembler. When used together with PKIBlackbox or OpenPGPBlackbox, MIMEBlackbox offers support for S/MIME or PGP/MIME respectively. * SSHBlackbox - client and server components that provide support for SSH1 and SSH2 (including compression) and don't depend on third-party libraries. * SFTPBlackbox - client and server components that provide support for SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP, Secure File Transfer Protocol). This is VCL edition, which can be used with Delphi 4-7, Delphi 2005-2007, C++Builder 2007, Kylix 3, FreePascal.
License Type: Commercial Software

EldoS Corporation

SecureBlackbox (VCL) Rating: 10 's Stars

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SecureBlackbox (VCL) webdesign software

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